That Space Shuttle

This was something so long ago
I can’t even keep track of time cause i cant determine its pace for sure
Cause I’m still stuck at that day when u just shut down my show
So easy was for you to let me go
But look outside while it snows
The cold wind hits me every time when I think of you
And those times when we were together all the people knew
But u just kicked me outta your space shuttle                                                                                         Bound towards Cupid’s temple                                                                                                                 Into the ground and within the rubble
How could you let that man fill my shoes
Thats why I ask that arrow man
Whose arrowhead is a heart
“Is there any place on earth
Who will keep me from falling apart?”
Cause every time I trusted you
You made me feel like it was my fault
Every time I saw u with that man
What his name? That fag with whom you ran
Didn’t know that you would throw me into wormhole which leads outta there


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